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Selling equipment

Hi All, I posted a message a month ago about my Neycraft Centrifugal
Casting machine which is for sale, together with a couple of other
things, such a vibrator. No one was interested in the Neycraft -
which is as good as new - for 400 dollars, so I am selling it for
360. Includes two crucibles. I am in PA till the end of the month. We
are moving to Ireland. I am opening a jewelry shop. Please contact me
off-line if interested. I think that 360 is quite a good price. Best,


I’m not currently in the market for a casting machine but will ask
around at class and see if anyone else is.

HOWEVER – what else do you have that you’re selling? I am in the
market for a good tumbler, as well as other things like hand-tools,
a good anvil, etc.

Let me know!

Karen Goeller
Hand-crafted artisan jewelry

Aloha Karen, How about a New Hermes Pantograph, I am all CNC at this
time and have an older, Large, ATX Pantograph, Two font holders,
milling spindle, no motor, nor motor bracket,useable new motor is
available for $100 w/no bracket,as an extra. Pantograph is $3,200
New and complete (though no fonts), Asking $800 (or best offer),
less motor ($100 more) plus shipping to your location. New CNC
cutting edge tech also available please inquire and thank you for
your intrest. Best regards, Christian

Christian Grunewald
Precision Modelmaking Technologies
(808) 622-9005

Will, I may be interested in casting equipment and will get back to
you on Tuesday. Can you let me know some specifics on the equipment.
Also interested in other items you might be selling. You mentioned
contacting you offline but gave no email or phone number. Carol

Hello, I am a Jeweler and I design in 3D and am currently trying to
find a prototyping service to cut my waxes. Do you offer prototyping
services? Please let me know if you do or if you don’t maybee a
refferal? Thank you for any help.

David Morrow
Morrow Jewelers