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Selling design and avoiding copycats


I am posting for my brother, who has over 30 yrs exp. in sterling
silver jewelry. He doesn’t have much computer exp. Here is our ?? We
have come up with a pendant design for a significant gap in the “gift
market”. Using 2 common symbols and a birthstone, which personalizes
each piece for each individual, depicts a situation that is universal
to every person at some point in their life. The symbolism is
universal, instantly recognizable, and with a very strong emotional
impact! Does anyone have experience with approaching a “company” and
selling this design, etc. We are currently working on getting a
copyright for protection against “copycats” Any info on this subject
would be greatly appreciated.

Donna & David


Donna and David,

Through my experience I think you should look toward FTC guidelines
as to how much a design has to be altered to not be a conflict with
yours. I have seen a major player in the design market protecting
his design and not making the design.


Russ Hyder
The Jewelry CAD Institute