Selling at venues, and loving it

I am looking for any insight, opinions or experience from artisans
that have sold at jazz festivals(or blues festivals). I have had
tremendous success selling at, and some of the best times of my life,
at the artscape, balt, I feel that the relaxed atmosphere there, as
opposed to the HARD sell at high end, very expensive craft shows, is
just what you need, to sell unusual, organic element, high end
fashion jewelry(i make wood jewelry), because of this experience, i
have decided to pursue a number of other venues. I this year i am
going to try the Litchfield Jazz, NY and i am working on the Atlanta
jazz. Does anyone have any EXPERIENCE doing music festivals in the
U.S., east or west? If sales are low, at least the music is extatic,
and live. Good for short vacations where you might make money. My
other favorite place to sell is Madison Ave, NYC, bet. 55- 70, fri.
nite and sat. Has anyone done or heard about selling at New Orleans
Jazz and Heritage fest., Montery Jazz, Ca., Big Sur Jazz, Ca. or any
on the east coast? dp

I’d love to hear about these experiences, too. I’m trying to break
back into shows, (and away from the repair shop) and I have been
strongly considering the many music festivals in our area. We have
everything from Jazz to blues to bluegrass, a bit of everything. My
line includes musical instruments, and the crowds at these places
seem to be conducive to craft sales. Any great experiences, advice