Selling and working from home

Dear Friends,

Well I am not sure if this is the right questions to ask here. Where
should I sell my products. Which is more profitable working with gold
or silver. I am working from my home at this time. Thank You.


Hello “Dude”,

Where to sell your work? Many choices: online shop, gallery, juried
show, trunk show hosted by friends, and so forth. You have to
investigate the options and select those that fit in with your
ability to create stock and the type of work you do.

I think you also need to consider your prospective customers when
deciding on the metal. I love working in gold, but my outlets are
not appropriate for the price point. The materials cost differential
means the selling price of a gold piece can easily be 100 times that
of the same item in silver. I prefer to create custom work; the piece
is already sold and I don’t have a lot of money tied up in something
that sits in the case. With custom orders I get to work in gold, my

Regarding profit. well, the labor involved is about the same
regardless of the metal. The mark-up on materials may be your profit
margin, and in that case, gold gives a better profit - at least, once
you have sold it.

Bottom line, you should follow your passion. That is rewarding, and
many times good things come about when you enjoy your work.

Judy in Kansas, who sometimes had a hard time choosing which passion
to follow!

Hope you doing great. No I am not that Dude of 1998 comedy film. But
I think I look better than him. I really appreciate your answer on
the forum.

It was very helpful. I am almost graduating from jewelry school.
Therefore, I want to start my business soon. That is why i need
expert advice from people like you. I also want to thank Judy for her
beautiful words. Your answer worth more than gold or silver. I am
honored to learn from all of you.


Dude- Decide who you want your customers to be find out where they
shop and then cater to their needs.

Judy is right in that you must keystone your cost of materials. The
more they cost the higher your profit.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer


It is fun to learn from all of you. Thank You.

Minneapolis, MN