Selling 50 ton mokume hydraulic press and plates

Hi, I’m Deborah Olague. I made mokume wedding bands for around 15 years. I decided to stop doing that at the start of the pandemic and go into the tech industry. I am finally getting to selling tools.

I have a 50 ton Potter Hydraulic Press and Enerpac Manual Ram and Pump for sale. This is probably going to be useful to someone looking to go into making mokume. It’s a really nice press. I haven’t found any quality manual 50 ton jewelry presses on the market, so it’s hard for me to price this. I only see electric at over $10k. The ram that goes with the press is manual. I would feel comfortable selling the press frame, 50 ton ram and manual pump for $3,000.

I also have press plates, which are necessary for anyone wanting to bond mokume in a kiln. They are up for sale as well. They are 2 -286 press plate and 2 inconel 718 hot pressing plates. I’m asking $500 for those.

Learning mokume comes with a moderate learning curve. I am willing to assist anyone who would buy these, so the sale comes with 2 free hours of phone consulting. You may negotiate adding additional hours if you like, up to 10 hours, at a reasonable cost. They can include how to bond, how to pattern and how to finish rings. You may use my ring designs to ask questions about how to pattern, if you would like.

Email me at fromsfcali AT

Can you send pictures of press ,power pack and dies please