Selecting polishing systems

I am very fortunate to be working at a store that is in the process
of building a new store. We the bench jewelers are being asked to
advise on the best polishing system. What is your best advice and
experience? What machine works for you in keeping the workroom clean?
Does anyone use the Quatro system and would you recomend it? What
about the Handler machines? Which model do you have? Be specific
please as there are so many machines out there.

Hi Carol,

The Quatro system is the best we have experienced. It is very quiet
for a vacuum system with powerful suction. Usually needs cleaning
just once a week for proper maintenance. Its compact size is a plus.
I highly recommend it. +++ on all counts.


Carol -

I have had the Quatro polishing system for about 1.5 yrs now - I love
it - Formerly had table top corrugated “paper” filter Handler system
(for decades), also have had systems where the polishing debris was
exhausted into a big box, under the polishing motor, with many
hanging cloth bag type filters.

IMHO Quatro is much more quiet and significantly cleaner, - I did
get the entire system with the plexi box covering - the whole studio
is cleaner now too! I have found Quatro (the company) to be very
quickly responsive and helpful whenever I have had questions about
set up or operation. (answer e-mails in 24 hrs or less)

Usual disclaimer, no affiliation, just a happy “customer”


In polishing, like in other jewelry arts, 99% of success depends on
who uses tools, and not on a tool itself.

Leonid Surpin.

We installed the Quatro polishing system last September, when my
employer relocated his store and I designed and set up a new shop. I
use a laser next to my bench, so dust is my enemy. We chose the
Quatro because of the final Heppa filter, and WOW, what a difference
this has made in the dust in the shop!!! I raised the whole system
@3 1/2 inches and installed Quatro’s remote switch, as the stock
switch is way down on the right side. That poor switch location has
been my only “complaint”. The large plexi dust hoods are well lit and
make it easy to see your work from all angles. The system is quite
powerful and relatively quiet compared to other systems that I have
used, and best of all, when you keep the first stage filters clear
the dust in the shop from this polishing system is nearly non
existant. My last employer had a Handler system, and I found it loud
and dusty, so eventually we parked it in a large “closet”, to get it
away from their laser and the watchmaker. My opinion only, good luck
in your choice.