Seeking work in North Florida

My wife and I are seeking employment in the jewelry industry. We are
located in the St Augustine/Jacksonville area of Florida. Over the
course of the last several years we have taken classes with Allyson
Farriss at the Jewelry Design Institute in St Augustine for
fabrication, repairs and basic stone setting. In addition to these
classes we have been following the Orchid forum, following the
jewelry newsgroup moderated by Peter Rowe, and reading everthing we
can get our hands on about making jewelry. We have assembled a pretty
comprehensive shop and have been making items in silver and sometimes
gold with and without stones to sell at shows and to people who like
our work. We also have both done pearl restringing.

We have now reached a point where we want to be making our living
with jewelry. With 2 teenage sons, now is not the time for us to
start trying to follow the shows for a living, but we want to at
least be working in what we wish to consider “our field”. We are
looking to work with anything related to the jewelry industry…
manufacturers, casters, polishers, stores, whatever we can find that
will help us make a living and forward our goal of becoming full time

We are a stable couple living outside St Augustine, Florida. Please
contact us with any suggestions, and thank you for any and all help.

Bob and Shea Hensley