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Seeking stones

Hi people,

Seeing as everyone was so helpful on my granite seeking issue, i
thought i’d plague you with some more questions.

I have been making jewellery with bullet stones and am having a hard
time sourcing them in blue topaz (looking for 3mm, 4mm & 5mm
diameter) The only place i can find that does them is in Hatton
Garden in London and is stupidly expensive. Anyone have any ideas
where to find them for reasonable prices?

I’m also looking for half drilled beads in iolite, 5mm round and
have found this completely impossible. Any ideas?

One more thing, (Sorry!) I have been making necklaces out of small
chip beads and was wondering if anyone knew where i could get
freshwater pearl chips from. I have seen them on some pictures of
jewellery on the web so i’m assuming someone must do them.

Thanks for your help.


Hi Anya, Yes , You will find it difficult to get bullet shaped blue
topaz . its not that It cant be done. its the manufacturing process.
99 % of the all Blue Topaz is treated , Its white topaz from Nigeria
and Sri Lanka which we cut and send to New York that`s treated .
basically large buyers need to Sell volume, they stick to the basic
shapes which are easy to sell.

If you need , I can re-cut some Blue topaz for you. just give me the
sizes , I will see what I can do , Contact me at

Ahmed Shareek

for the ‘bullets’ try Bill Heher at Rare Earth Mining Co., Trumbull
CT; phone and fax (203) 378-8672. for the pearl “chips” (if you mean
the freshwater pearls which look sort of like baby teeth,) try C.
Diversified, Inc (dba VHA pearls) 607 S Hill St #933. L.A., CA 90014
(213) 623-7307 David Barzilay, Lord of the Rings