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Seeking Rose Gold Chain

Greetings All,

I have looked high and low, but have been unable to find a source for
rose gold chain. I cast a fair amount of rose gold jewelry, mostly
antique style, and would like to find some 14k rose gold chain to
match. I’m looking for simple link styles that won’t look too odd
with vintage styled pieces, in fairly small quantities, i.e. 5-10
pieces per order.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them. Respond
through the list, or off list if you prefer to

Thanks, Bob

Dear Robert, I purchased a couple of years ago rose gold chain from
Down East Trading Co. email; or 800-626-5700 or
give a try to Herco 866-220-3223. Sam Patania, Tucson

Hi Bob, You might want to try Herco in San Fran. They show 3 styles
of “pink” gold 18-k. There is cable 1.6mm, wheat 1.7mm, one other
style 3.5mm. They all come in varying lenths. 800.227.3223

Good Luck, Rebecca.

I have a customer who brought me a rose gold snake chain necklace
and bracelet she’d bought on QVC, the home shopping channel, and she
wanted me to use it as a starting point for a rose gold set pendant
(earrings, ring, and bracelet charm). The name on the pouch the
chain came in was Michael Anthony. So he, at least, found or made
rose gold chain.

Janet Kofoed

Hello Robert, ZI too searched for rose gold chain and found it
through Eugene Schofer in Germany. They are a large manufacture of
styles that you often see resold through other distributors. 011-49-7231-91030 Good Luck
Designer of Colored Diamond Jewelry

Robert, There are four styles of 18K Rose Gold in the Herco catalog.
Their phone # is 415-543-1580. They dont show any in 14K but it might
be possible for them to make it for you. Joel

Joel Schwalb