Seeking new marketing tips

Hello Everyone, I am in the process of checking into two new Sales
and Marketing plans to sell my new jewelry line. I am looking to go
online with a website for the first time ever and my second plan is to
try selling using mail-order. Does anyone have a good source that I
could use to get a website and does anyone have a tip or two about
utilizing mail-order to sell jewelry? Thank you in advance for any
suggestions. Mark Cunha

Does anyone have a good source that I could use to get a website 

Mark, Cool Bananas has done several excellent and successful jewelry
sites -

They are terrific to work with and do a great job - they understand
how to sell jewelry, that’s rare. Contact Dan Globus at or call him at 718-6680-4044. Good luck, Cindy
Edelstein Jeweler’s Resource Bureau

Mark, The idea of selling by mail order and the web are definitely
viable ways to sell jewelry. Some things you will want to concider: Is
your work different from what is already on the market? How will you
target your clients? What are your costs in reaching clients? Most
importantly, why sould they buy from you rather than the thousands of
other jewelry sales companies out there?

Good Luck,
Etienne Perret
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