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Seeking new diamonds for Rose Cut (flat pavilions) diamond ring

I have a very nice all Rose Cut (flat pavilions) diamond ring in my shop
for repair. Anyway at some time in the past 3 of the side stones had
been replaced with more ‘modern’ cut stones. They want it returned to
the original look. I am have trouble finding the diamonds. 2.47mm,
2.43mm, and 2.41 or very slightly larger are my best guess, none were
even close to round, but nor are they oval. Some one in the US must
have something appropriate.

Mark Chapman

Hi Whitewolf. Looks like this question is is the wrong category (riveting block), but you might try Mark Haughton of Rock Deco for natural rose-cut diamonds. <ROCKDECO_at _YAHOO.COM>

I’ve split this question off into it’s own topic.