[Seeking] Manufacturer

A fascinated and envious lurker here for years, with the occasional
post, but finally I find myself in need of help (not that I haven’t
needed help all along). So here goes…

Recently, I designed a piece of jewelry for a gentleman without
being solicited to do so, based on his most inspirational artwork.
Most of his projects are large pieces, not affordable to the masses,
and they seemed to call out for something more readily accessible to
the gen pop. He was speaking in our area in October, so I approached
him with a proto type pendant inspired by his work that I’d made
using PMC Silver and some Swarovski crystal standing in for real
gems that turned out very nice but was a tad ‘rustic’. He and his
wife loved it, and asked me to get him pricing for 100- 250 pieces
ASAP. At the time I didn’t know how hard that would prove to be.

The item would be a pendant, primarily a framework of +/- 1.5mm
’wire’ with rabbit ear bail, and 12 bezel set 4mm faceted stones,
either natural or man made (they seemed prefer the ethical
properties of lab grown stones, as opposed to mined, as this is a
very ‘green’ enterprise). He also prefers the base metal to be
bronze or copper, plated with sterling silver, on a sterling silver

I am a rank amateur at best, working on my dining room table, firing
pieces in my gas fireplace with a torch for back up, though I do
have a kiln, but production of so many pieces is not likely an
option for me, though it would be possible to make a silicone mold
of a clean prototype. My question to the Orchid community is this:
can anyone recommend a manufacturer I might get quotes from based on
detailed drawings? I have approached a few found through Google
search, but all say they will not honor the designs’ trademark, and
would insist on also selling the piece on their own web site (with
nothing paid to the designers) if they made it, which is
understandably unacceptable to the basic images original designer.
So I guess I’m looking for another manufacturer. Sure wish I had the
skills to do this myself, and if there is anyone I can hire to coach
me on how I could do it, that’s an option, too.

I’m in the Orlando Florida area, and can be reached offline. FYI,
this lurker is in awe of the work I have seen via Ganoksin, and I am
most grateful for a website so wonderfully informative. Thanks for
the website, and thanks in advance for your help!

Sharon Thompson
Sanford, Florida

I would recommend Daniel Grandi of Racecar Jewelry.com. Making
something to set all those small stones in is too far above your
level right now, IMHO. Get a pro.


Contact Daniel at Racecarjewelry.com. He can help you with casting
this in any metal, and I’m sure he’d know what do to about the design
ownership. They are in Rhode Island.


Try Racecar in Cranston, Rhode Island. Dan Grandi is a great guy with
exceptional skills. racecarjewelry.com

I’m a satisfied customer.

Good Luck, Mary A

Sharon, Do you have the original that can be used to make the mold?


Thank you all for your replies! Orchid is such an amazing place;
thanks to all that work to make this site possible and thus allow us
to find so much experience in one handy internet accessible location!
And everyone is also very nice, obessive compulsive or not!

Amery- All I have is a sketch now, I gave the client the PMC
original explaining it was a rough-dining room table manufactured
item, but it did the trick! I could make a wire model…However, I
believe I may have found a great innovative solution thru an Orchid
member, and I will post a question again if I need more
May post a progress report, too.

Thank you all again, and best wishes working in this field. I am
amazed at how rewarding it is to make something as durable as a
metal trinket that brings enjoyment and has personal meaning to
someone else. Other newbies, don’t be afraid to try what you are
thinking of trying, just do it! Don’t burn your house down, but
proceed cautiously, and you may be amazed at how things turn
out…And when in doubt, ask these nice people; collectively, they
pretty much know everything.


I would also recommend Dan Grandi who has produced outstanding
pieces for me for years…

RaceCar Jewelry Co.
PO Box 10327
Cranston, RI 02910

Jeff Herman