[Seeking] Jewelry donations

Hi everyone,

I am a police officer in Chicago. Over the years have read the
Ganoksin Project for the most helpful tips I have gotten for a past
hobby, wireworking.

I am a witness to your generosity with both your skills and your
money (when one of you have been hurt) and I am posting with an
ulterior motive.

I have been asked to donate an item (jewelry) to be put in a
handcrafted Celtic jewelry box made for a silent auction at a benefit
being given on July 11, for a friend of mine (a Sergeant of the
Chicago Police Dept.) who suffered an acute heart attack. She
survived but is going to require nursing home care indefinitely. You
can read about her at these websites: http://prayersforgina.com or
http://thisonesforgina.com. I will be making a chain maille bracelet.

I would love to fill this jewelry box so that we could get a large
bid for it or possibly auction items separately. If any of you feel
inclined to donate an item for the auction, please contact me at

Susan Williams

Just a suggestion for your auction DO NOT FILL ANYTHING. Treat Each
piece seperately. You may elect to display a single piece in a nice
box but grouping them gives any bidder a reduced sense of value for
the whole. Each piece in my opinion, and having run auctions for
charities should be individually offered. Perceived value is key to
getting higer bids in an auction situation.


I totally agree with R.E. Rourke, Treat each piece separately. If it
is a silent auction, set the initial bids high. My Jewelry guild
holds a silent auction to raise money, and we not only set the
initial bid high, but we take pains to present each piece
effectively. Presentation is everything. It will take some work for
someone, but it will be worth it in the end.


For anyone interested in the subject of Fundraising Auctions: there
is a wonderful set of documents available in the Professional
Guidelines series FREE on the SNAG website. You do not have to be a
SNAG member or even a metalsmith.

There ar 4 individual documents that cover the pros and cons of
donating as well as the nuts and bolts issues such as setting a

Great stuff.
Andy Cooperman