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Seeking designers


Hi, We are Barbara and Harley Groff. We have been enjoying the
Forum for the past twelve months. We have gained so many
valuable insights, really to numerous to mention. Being
relatively new to the Jewelry industry we have basically read the
postings, but have had very little experience to add intelligent
postings. Barbara and I want to take a moment to say hello to
all the Orchid members, and let you know that we are out there
reading the postings and learning. Keep up the very positive
flow of we really appreciate it.

We will be in Las Vegas for the JCK Jewelry show, and if any
other Orchidians would like to meet us please give us an E-mail
off forum. We would love to meet the authors of these wonderful

One of our goals at the Las Vegas show is to visit all the
Designer booths. We are starting to formulate a buying plan for
our Holiday season. We hope to find 2 to 3 new designer lines to
carry in our Gallery. We are looking for designer 's that will
complement what we currently show, but be unique enough that they
will be recognized as having something not available down the
road. Of course the product line can not be so far out as to not
be marketable. It also must be at a workable price point.

Our secondary goal is to find some great Jewelry art, we would
like to dedicate a section of our store to contemporary jewelry
art pieces.

If you would like to submit photo’s and your asking price’s of
you work, availability, design concepts, terms, and anything else
that you can think of to sway us in your direction, that would be

Please submit off forum to:

Barbara’s Treasure Chest, Inc.
Fine Custom Jewelry
5005 Colleyville Blvd.
Suite 180
Colleyville, Texas 76034

or @barbarastreasure

stoRe: 817-577-5600
fax: 817-485-6643

Thank you
Harley and Barbara Groff

PS: Have a great summer!


Hi, we are designers of handcrafted sterling bracelets, bangle
types. I am downloading our marketed designs available retail
outlets wholesale, if you are interested, please let me know.
These designs are presently being marketed as bangle bracelets
for charms. This is a new rage sweeping the nation, but we are
one of only a few that handmake our designs in the USA, Most
are marketed from Mexico. Thank you for your time.

Joy Reside,
Off The Cuff, Inc.

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