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Seeking continued jewelry training in US

Hi, I wonder if anyone can refer me to a good jewelry training
program and/or series of workshops? I have a foundation already from
taking classes here and there, but have not done an official
Jeweler’s Bench training. I want to strengthen my skills that I
already have and expand my knowledge - especially with stone
setting, casting techniques, rendering and fabrication of more
elaborate designs. I would love to hear more specifically about
options anywhere in the US or Canada, but am also open to
international study,such as Asia.

Thanks all!


I suggest looking at what is offered at the Revere Academy of
Jewelry Arts in San Francisco,

There are intensive programs for JA certification, individual
workshops, a masters symposium, and elective courses covering
everything you have described and much more.

I taught the marketing class at Revere this past weekend and had a
wonderful experience with a group of very interesting and diverse
students. The fabrication class that was underway in the studio next
door was filled with energetic and enthusiastic people who were
excited about what they were doing.

It allowed me to reflect on my first classes at Revere 20 years ago
and how much they transformed the trajectory and success of my
career. It is a great place to develop and refine your existing
skills, learn new ones, and move forward with increased confidence
and ability.

Michael David Sturlin


You should talk to Karen ant Metalwerx, Alan ant The Revere Academy
and the folks at GIA’s JMA program.

The Crucible in the Bay area is cool too.

Practically an embarrassment of riches! Lots of good programs out

Daniel Ballard

My name is Mel Huth and I am the Director of the California
Institute of Jewelry Training in Carmichael (near Sacramento),

Our Jewelry Arts curriculum is project based and you spend nearly
all of your time (98%) on the bench. Your schedule can be flexible.
We have been training jewelers for the trade for over 27 years. We
offer training from the most beginning levels to the most advanced.
In addition, many workshops are offered which enhance your jewelry

In addition we offer a full FGA gemology program, an excellent
jewelry sales program along with the MasterValuer appraisal program.
As you see, we can meet most all training needs in the industry.

Student loans are available for those who have that need.

Please feel free to call me on 1-800-731-1122 and I can provide all
the you need.

Good luck on your search for quality education. I look forward to
talking with you.


Melvin G. Huth
California Institute of Jewelry Training