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Seeking Australian supplier for steel shot

Hi All,

I’ve been trying to buy some stainless steel shot to use for
tumbling that has sphere shapes only. Every supplier I’ve tried so
far only sells mixed shot (with pins, cylinders etc) in both
stainless and carbon steel. If anyone knows of a supplier who sells
plain ball shot or can think of an alternative source please let me
know. I’d prefer stainless steel shot but will settle for carbon
steel if I can get that.

R.R. Jackson

    I've been trying to buy some stainless steel shot to use for
tumbling that has sphere shapes only. 

Gesswein may still carry 1/8" stainless steel ball shot in 10 pound
packages. It used to sell for $140 to $150 for 10 pounds. They
also carry other homogenous shaped shot like ballcone, diagonal,
oval, etc. or the usual mixed shot. Shipping to Australia may make it
cost prohibitive since most tumblers take more than 10 pounds of

You might check out shotgun, hunting gear suppliers. They may carry
steel shot for use in cartridge burnishers. I don’t know if they
carry both stainless and carbon steel shot. It might be worth a try
since you may be able to find a local outlet in Australia. Also, not
being a jewelry industry item, you might save money going the guns
and ammo supply route.

Donna Shimazu

You might try finishing associates… ask for mark 215-953-1340


If you want to try jewellery tool suppliers try House of Jewellery
in Sydney they should have it. If you have no luck with them
Abrasive Blasting companies like or
might be able to help.


Hi, Just a couple of thoughts on alternatives. Carbon steel is what
is what is used in bird shot up here (Canada) now. If you still have
any gun shops left in Australia you might be able to aquire steel
shot in various gauges for hand-loading otherwise try a
mechanical/auto parts supply house and check for ball bearings.
Cheers, Cynthia