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Seeking apprenticeship in Los Angeles, or, anywhere?


I am new to this site, recommended to me by my local community college professor who I am taking an intro to jewelry making course. As the heading suggests, I am interested in finding a jeweler in the Los Angeles (or surrounding areas) who might be seeking an apprentice. I have been working in a fine metal-smithing workshop for the last six months, although it is specifically on (gold) fountain pen nibs. This is to say that I have some basic familiarity with a shop and fine materials.

I know this is a shot in the dark, but just wanted to put this out there! I am 30 years old, and this is not a passing hobby or passion for me. I’ve been interested in jewelry and jewelry design for years and my interest is only intensifying :). I put together chains and pendants and findings to make jewelry, but I am still very interested in the actual fabrication. I love taking local classes but feel I would also benefit from one on one instruction and assistance. It does not need to be a paid position if I am able to maintain my other job outside of apprenticeship hours. Even just once a week would be amazing! I’m open to suggestions.

Thank you for your time!