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[Seek] Hydraulic press forming worshops


Just wondering if anyone knows of any intensive hydraulic press
forming workshops or courses???

Bree Timmins

Just wondering if anyone knows of any intensive hydraulic press
forming workshops or courses? 

I’d check the websites of Bonny Doon Engineering, Cythia Eid, and
the arts and crafts “camps,” incluidng Arrowmont.



We are fortunate to have in our Tues. evening class a very talented
metal fabricator who has been taking my classes for a number of
years. Recently, he brought in a custom built, adjustable hydraulic
press he made for my studio. This piece of art is really amazing. He
even had it powder-coated in a wild metallic green color, complete
with a gold finial on the tip! Each night of class he brings in a
few more steel dies and punches for the press, so we are trying to
find the time to experiment with it. I think we will be scheduling a
hydraulic press workshop in 2010, to show off the many things what
you can do with the hydraulic press.

Jay Whaley
Whaley Studios


Breanna - go to the masters - Lee Marshall -, Phil
Poirier - Taos, current owner of Bonny Doon at and
David B Anderson - Taos

Either they or someone they recommend will have intensive workshops
with the press.

Judy Hoch


In addition to the folks already mentioned (Lee Marshall & Phil
Poirier) you might also want to look Cynthia Eid, who’s a regular
here, and well known for her hydraulic press workshops.

Put it this way: I’ve been working metal for 25 odd years now, and
have built hydraulic presses, and I learned a bunch from her when
I took one of her workshops.

Brian Meek.


I teach Hydraulic press forming from Ventura, CA. Phil Porier has
given me permission to teach. I am in Ventura, CA

you may contact me off orchid if you wish.

Jennifer Friedman