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[Seek] Address for Chasing tool maker?


I hope someone can help me find an address of a person who makes
chasing tools. I ordered a chasing tool a few months ago from a
place listed in an Orchid newsletter. I would like to order more but
I lost the address and I can not remember the name and location. If
anyone knows of a place that makes chasing tools to order I would
appreciate receiving at either of the address listed

Thanks for your help.

Marilynn Nicholson
Taos School of Metalsmithing & Lapidary Design

I hope someone can help me find an address of a person who makes
chasing tools. 

Not sure if this is the same person, but here’s one:


I have a student who made well over 150 chasing tools for a project,
and makes tools for sale to others, Carine Duguay, her email is
[carine.duguay at acad dot ca]



Hi Marilynn,

There was some posts back in February regarding these tools. Here are
some of the people of the websites I pulled for you:

I hope this helps…


Hi marilynn and every one on Orchid

Its Jen Lane your local chasing and repousse tool maker, Back In
business again after my long move from my paradise island home to the
wilds of north central Florida. I have a new shop only 5x10 but i got
all my tools squeezed in and a new vac system so no metal dust goes
flying all over the place. I still custom make any chasing tool you
want and my prices can’t be beat in fact if you find it cheaper i
will give you a discount. but the quality is as good if not better
then ever as i also manage to get a kiln so I have very good control
over the tempering stage that i had to do only by eye before now i
have both my eyes and a temp gauge. all my contact info has changed
except my email which is still the same

chasingtool at yahoo dot com

my address is:
43415 Dixie Dr
paisley fl 32767 USA

and my phone: (352)669-9956

call write or email me with your tool needs and as always I will
make you the tool to your specs.

I need to update my work shop photos on orchid after a year of hard
work i have a real work shop now a custom made necklace got me a
very nice jewelry’s bench and a large o2 tank. yes I do trade so if
you need a tool and the cash is a bit short (boy do I know that) we
can work out something. Well Just wanted to say I’M BACK

best wishes to all have a safe and wonderful day


Valentin Yotkov makes superb chasing and repousse tools. You can
reach him at his website:

I have also heard that Otto Frei in California is coming out with a
set of chasing tools, but I don’t know anymore than that.

Marcia Rae Design