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Seed pearls

Hello All, Brenda Tomlin here, in the great northwest, and in
need of a supplier of seed pearls. If anyone knows of such a
supplier I would be most greatful for the I’ve been
on stone searches before but this has been a nightmare, one in
which I long to wakeup with seed pearls banishing the
nightmare.Please help, and thank you in advance. Brenda

Hi Brenda. You can get seed pearls at the Joseph P. Stachura Co.
in Massachusetts. Their phone number is (508) 278-6525. -Mary

Hi Brenda – Try A&Z Pearls in New York City. don’t have the
number right at hand, but can find it later. They have an 800
number which you can get from Laura.

Hey- Brenda. There is a place in Marin County California called
pacific pearls I don’t lnow the number but they are listed. i
have a list from The Internationl Gem Show in San Mateo. I don’t
have Numbers but I knoe that they are easy to track down. BiJoux
in L.A>, C.Y. Lin in New York, Kay El in texas, Wu’s original
Tradings, I believe this one is in New York aswell and I have
written in my own notes “Seed Pearls”. ou can Get in touch with
the Mangement Company and they might be able to give you a more
comprehensive list or even when the show might be swinging by you
neck of the woods. The e-mail is
and you can visit the web site at they
put out a publication aswell that advertises alot of bead
dealers. The phone is 301.294.1640 and
the fax 301.294.2234. Good Luck!!!

SEEDED PEARLS . . . .!!! Just started looking in to Pearls! .
. Salt and Fresh water . . . I appears that ALL are seeded / / /
with the exemption of a very, very , few from …’ I don’t
remember where!!!.. Seeded meaning an insertion into the
mulisch, at different part depending on what color you are
wanting??? . . . Fresh water being a problem in that ‘’’'round
appears difficult to obtain at this time??? jim chambers

Jim, Seed Pearls are itsey, bitsey,teeneyweeny, little Pearls.
Susan Chastain

Dear Jim Chambers, I may be wrong but I believe that the thread
you’re referring to has to do with “seed pearls”. These are a
very small variety that was used alot in victorian jewelry. You
are correct,however, about pearls being nucleated. Natural
fisheries of pearls ( non-cultured pearls) are virtually nil.
There are a variety of substances used to cause the mollusks to
grow a pearl. By the way , GIA has an excellent course on Pearls.
Hope you have happy holidays.
Deborah Ringhaver Lane

Keshi is expensive because it is a spontaneous nacre growth that
occurs within the mollusk. Unlike other pearls, it’s not
nucleated, either with mollusk flesh or with a bead. Because
it’s all nacre, it’s highly lustrous…and expensive. Regards,
Fleury Sommers

As a follow up to seed pearls, can someone tell us about the
preferred adhesive for seed pearls as many glues - adhesives do
slightly discolor the pearls. I have noticed some glue - adhesives can
actually turn seed pearls to a grey color. Hopefully someone out there
has the answer. Best regards from Randell Casey of Lyncre Pty Ltd.
Australia @Lyncre_Pty_Ltd_613_5

Hello all, I’ve seen these offered in the past but not lately. I’m
looking for a source of tiny pearls, about .8mm-1.2mm, round as
possible, white, undrilled, probably several hundred in quantity.
Does anyone know who would sell these?

Many thanks,

I have bought these in the past from Kay El jewelers in Texas. I
don’t have their address handy, but they are always in the wholesale
section of the international gem and jewelry shows. --Vicki Embrey

i am looking for a source of micro (18/0 or smaller) seed pearls. Iam
looking for the real deal not glass. I have searched the web to no
avail. Any ideas? I am also looking for thin sheet glass that i
may be able to cut rather detailed patterns in for jewelry. I was
told to look for something called hosta glass by someone. I can find
nothing under this name or any other. Any sources you’re aware of?

sue szabo