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Secrecy in sample line

The question was proposed to me a few weeks ago in maintaining a
field of secrecy in making my line of casino-related jewellery. Here
are my answers and suggestions.

Limit your choice of casters. Don’t let everyone view your ideas, in
assembly, diamond purchases, gem-stone buying. Be selective in
having your peers giving their opinions on what you are making. The
reason is once you leave their office they can still remember your
items and make notes of them and copy your ideas.

If your caster seems to be loosing some of your rubber molds or
can’t find a certain item in his casting crucible, change your caster
immediately. I had this problem three weeks ago, he just can’t be
trusted with anything I’m doing. He even takes pictures of his
castings or waxes, so he won’t mix-up his finished orders…not nice
to see this.

Avoid “like the plaque” by putting your pictures of your private
collection on any web-site. Even though that person seems to be

One fellow wanted to put my “one-of-a kind” creations on his
web-site. I am sure that once there, it will be seen by many and my
long months of trials and tribulations and again copied by anyone. Do
I seem 100% paranoid? Yes I am.

Don’t invite eager off-shore manufacturers to look for a quick route
to steal your ideas.

If you need some salespeople to promote your line, again, be ultra
selective. Don’t let them take all of your line all at once, keep
some items for the next program in selling. I now have two salesman
with my line, both of them are extremely trustworthy. In fact one
fellow I have known for over 15 years. The other is well known to me
and so is his father who is also an Orchidian…no names here.

Build up a list of sales-reps, who have no interest in anything else
they are selling…as in “non-conflicting lines”…Give your lines to
only a few at a time…don’t loose track of who is taking your
merchandise. Get a signed release form stating who has what and how
much is given out. If anything is lost they have to pay for your full
costs and labours.

Always maintain that your line is yours, and after their sales trip,
your line has to be returned back to you ! ! But in the same
condition it was given to them… no alterations of colour, or
staining…these are giveaway of rubber-mold copying…If you wish, set
stones in everything…leaving nothing to make their copying easy for
them. IF your are making items from a CAD program, stick with only
one off-site designer, trust no one.

I hope that upon reading this little essay prove worthwhile to
you…enjoy your labours.

Gerry Lewy