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Second hand Kiln advice

Hi everyone

I am looking at buying a second hand kiln on eBay. I have found several. The insides all seen to have black/green stuff. For those who have kilns, is this just normal signs of use? Will this interfere with how well it works?
(I will try and include photos. If they upload, are there any that you think I should steer clear? Number 2 and 4 are open bidding at £0.99. 1 and 3 are £100 each)



I wouldn’t worry about that, kilns tend to get gunked up inside because the refractory brick is porous, so anything that leaks onto it during firing burns into it. You might even be able to file it off with an old file, if the stains are superficial. I’d be more concerned with whether they heat up properly!

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Thanks so much for the advice! When I do get a second hand kiln I will definitely be having it checked by an electrician!