Seattle setting session

I’m now finishing my last day in Snohomish, Wa (that’s near Seattle).
We had a fantastic 4 days at a studio named “The Ranch” which is run
by Randi Harper. She is the most cordial and the friendliest person I
have met in a long time. We covered so many setting topics everyone
knew how to set CZ’s after the end of the session.

I’m now off to Michigan this week, then over to Wisconsin for
mid-November. What’s this word “retirement”? How can any one retire
when the people need someone to explain the myriad of the many
setting techniques? One instance was when I was explaining the depth
of a Gypsy set stone, one of the students almost cried for joy upon
learning my little method of gauging the depth of the stone. Her
course was paid for in a few seconds…:>) Randi is talking about
having me back to explain and demonstrate Pave setting!

Gerry Lewy

You go Gerry we need “retired” craftsman out there to keep the
passion moving on. Congrats and thank you!


Russ and Orchidians

I don’t know who had more fun at this class, me, Randi, or the
students. LOL! "Age, is only a number!’

Gerry Lewy

Flying at 33,000 ft!

I, m now on my way to Snohomish, Washington to teachabout 10 students
setting. Got a wide variety of newer silver settings to demo on. One
of them can be used as a pendant or even a ring cluster. Its not the
the patterns but the idea of getting used to different setting
applications. We have to be ever so creative in selecting basic
designs for thestudent. Along with this class, I will show them how
gem-stone settingwas used in my " casino playing disk". Each student
will receive about 36 pages of setting notes. I hate to keep this
setting private. My next classes are in Michigan and then
Wisconsin. I, m scheduled to be at the “92/Y” in NYC in January/14.
Gerry Lewy

Advanced setting class

There are great possibilities that I am coming back to "The Ranch"
near Seattle. I will endeavor to demonstrate using “Right-Sided
Cutting, Onglette Gravers”. This particular process removes the need
for using a Flat #39 or #40 graver. It is also great for
Bright-Cutting inside of Bezel or Gypsy-set stones. Another little
method is to Bright-cut and make little beads or mini-posts for
pushing over each stone. Also removing the need for digging in and
pushing & raising little problematic beads. This alone, is tedious
and very time consuming. These results are phenomenal, you gotta
just see it for yourself. Can you say good-bye to difficult task of
bead-raising? Yup!!! Gerry Lewy

Hi Gerry,

I see you have listed a class to be held in Wisconsin, could you
please provide the details?

Julie Seymour

Setting class for Gerry Lewy in Wisconsin will be held in Green Bay
Nov 8, 9, 10 at NWTC (technical college) catalog #47-441-449 Class
#87978 online: phone
920-498-5444 toll free 1888 385 6982

Home again!!

On my way back home after one the best classes ever scheduled for
this travelling setter.

Two of the students pulled me aside and literally cried. for joy!
They both had tears in their eyes for the simple fact that I made
the, many topics look easy. Even after an indepth demo on Princess
stone setting they all reached the challenge and succeeded! It, s not
the actual setting, it, s the way the instructor can make the most
difficult project look and bestow and give confidence to those who
seem intimidated at the prospect of actually setting. Gypsy,
Channel, Bezel settings.

Although I had an 18 hour bus ride, it was all worth the effort!! If
any student (no matter the age) wants to reach the next plateau in
stone setting, or even starting, don, t hesitate! Remember without
some formal training in setting, you are not expanding your resume
or jewellery inventory. Look what I achieved with my setting
abilities, a simple Guinness Record, and everyone here on our Orchid
can do the same…>) Gerry Lewy!

I was one of Gerry’s students he is speaking of. Thank you again
Gerry. I went into my studio on Monday and set stones with
confidence, ease, and much faster. I just needed the proper
instruction on doing it correctly and making it look amazing with
tiny details. I needed some tools I was unaware of to make it faster,
easier. I needed to get rid of some tools thatare suppose to be stone
setting tools and they only cause more problems. Thank you. Thank
you. Thank you. I’m off to make a gypsy ring for a custom order right
now and I’m not sweating it a bit. One student in our class had 20
years experience as a fine jeweler. She was amazed and in heaven,
inspired to do better work. Troubleshooting, time saving, setting the
diamond in the best way to make it look better, bigger, brighter. I
never thought stone setting would be something I would strive to be
great at. My mind is changed. Thank you from Green Bay Wisconsin.

joy kruse


I’ll be taking you stone setting working at 92Y in New York in
January, & I’m really excited. Stone setting is a big hole on y list
of abilities, so as soon as I saw this workshop I jumped on the

Looking forward to January!!!

From Joy Kruse’s letter, this is just the reason why I’m doing this
new introduction to gem-stone setting. I have a different attitude in
attempting diamond setting. I prefer to call it creative, or just
doing it. the ‘correct way’.

I strive to give confidence to everyone attending my classes. No
more guesswork, no more struggling to get that darn stone set.

If all of the Wisconsin-Michigan-Seattle students (no matter the age)
successfully accomplished to set a Princess stone, then my job was

My next foray into gemstone setting will be in NYC @ “92/Y”, Jan.

21-24/14. See you there!

Gerry Lewy

I too took Gerry Lewy’s gem setting class in Green Bay. And to echo
Joy Kruse’s thoughts, I too now have the confidence that I can now do
it right and well. I will be excited to add stone setting to my
designs knowing that I do not have to worry about messing up. No
"oys" or “oy veys” or even “OY GAVADLT’s”…Just good learning and
successes. Gerry’s knowledge and method of teaching made all the
difference. and…what a Mentsch!

Also exciting was seeing and holding the wonderful world record
poker chip. Magnificent! Thank you Gerry for sharing with us.

Trudy Edlebeck

Gerry, put me on your list when you hold a session in Europe!

And thank you for your blog! So much good there! Thanks!