Seattle Jewelry Attractions

ok, anyone in the Seattle area??? im headed to your lovely city for
a few days to see the Pet Shop Boys and visit friends, what you have
for for contemporary jewelry galleries, any shows on? openings? i
will be staying 1 1/2 hour out of the city (in pt Townsend) and i
will be there from the 18th to the 23rd looking forward to your
suggestions, it doesn’t have to be jewelry, but jewelers all seem to
like the same other odd things so don’t be afraid i’m open to

heather mackenzie

Dear Heather

Without a doubt the finest gallery of goldsmithing work is the
Facere Jewelry Art in downtown Seattle.

The finest museum for metal-arts and hand-craft exhibits is the
Bellevue Art Museum (to the east of Seattle).

And if you’ve the time, the journey down to the Tacoma Art Museum is
worth the effort. Besides the scenic environment the museum has a
wonderful collection of metal-arts as well as great exhibits.

Cheers. Kim.

Hi Heather,

Kim’s advice is sound. However, I would stress the Tacoma Art
Museum. It is more than simply worth the effort. They have made a
commitment to the collection and exhibition of craft— especially
jewelry. Bellevue’s is a wonderful art museum but TAM has a
permanent, endowed collection of Northwest jewelry and metalwork. As
a matter of fact, Tacoma has been having a metals fest called “Metal
Urge” in conjunction with two major exhibits at TAM.

I am writing from NY but about to get on a plane to return home to
Seattle. Don’t miss Tacoma and Tacoma Art Museum.

Andy Cooperman


It isn’t quite jewelry, but Tacoma also has a great glass museum.

Mike DeBurgh, GJG
Henderson, NV