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[Seattle] Casting Houses

I am searching for a casting house in the Seattle/Tacoma area. I
need to have some rings cast in sterling which will be used as
master models to create molds, the wax of which will be further
modified, cast, and molded to make production waxes. The castings I
have had done so far have been pitted, porous, and with voids.
Completely unsuitable for a master model. Can anybody help me?

Mike DeBurgh
M D Designs

We are not in Seattle , But if you need really good castings and
finishing services among the many other services we offer, give us a
try… We are one of the few orchid advertisers on the list and we
have helped a lot of new designers get started as well as others in
the general jewelry field. Please contact us off list at the
following :

Daniel Grandi
Racecar Jewelryt Co. Inc.
52 Glen Rd.
Cranston, RI. 02920
Tel: 401-461-7803 after 10 am eastern standard time

Mike, Try Outcasts in the 4th and Pike building, downtown Seattle.

Andy Cooperman

Mike, Does it have to be in the Seattle/Tacoma area? This may be far
away, but you might contact John Henkel. I have found his prices
competetive and the skill level very good. I have had some very
tricky castings with a lot of detail and no porosity at all. He
really understands casting. You can reach him at "John A. Henkel"

Good luck,

Karen Christians
10 Walnut St.
Woburn, MA 01801
Fax: 781/937-3955
Accredited Jewelry Instruction

Although I am not in your area I’m as close as your mail. I’d be
more than glad to help you. Larry

Larry Paul Casting Co. Inc.
740 Sansom St
Philadelphia, PA , 19106    


Why do you need silver master? Just to get a mold for waxes?? If
so just use wax for masters and RTV for the molds.


   Why do you need silver master?  Just to get a mold for waxes?? 
If so just use wax for masters and RTV for the molds. 

i do work on masters after they are cast and it is faster for me to
work in metal and go right to 45 minute vulcanized rubber mold.i can
change one piece 3 or 4 times make molds and have multiple pieces of
each design ready to cast in one day

Hi Mike, We do commercial casting, although we are located in
Phoenix, AZ. The problems of pitting and porosity are generally the
result of excess heat. They may be casting at too high a temperature,
especially with the silver, which can be VERY TEMPERMENTAL. Similar
problems can result in wax injection if the wax pot is too hot or the
type of wax isn’t appropriate.

If you don’t have any luck in the Seattle/Tacoma area, let us know
and we can send you our pricing We’d be happy to help.

JoAnna Kelleher
Pearl Exotics Trading Company
Phoenix, AZ