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Seattle area suppliers

I am planning a trip to Seattle Washington on Tuesday. Can anyone
suggest some really good suppliers of lost wax casting materials. I
am looking for waxes and investment material, and possibly used

Albany, Oregon

seattle suppliers; TSI at 101 Nickerson St. phone no. 206 282 3046.
Also visit the 4th and Pike Bldg. 1424 4th Ave. Building is chock full
of jewelers and suppliers. Talk to the folks at Outcasters in that
building. Hannah in Seattle

Hans, Haven’t bought anything in Seattle for a long time but there
used to be an excellent jewelery wholesaler in the Fourth Ave Bldg. in
downtown Seattle close to the corner of 4th and Pike, Mier Bros ( I
think!!- been a long time!) Haven’t been there for about 35 years!!
Across the Bay in Bremerton is Alpha Supply’s home. Recently they
opened a store in Seattle but I haven’t been there yet! Here’s the
address; 1408 4th Ave, Suite 200, Seattle. They say that they are on
4th Ave between Union and Pike. They also have an 800 number
800-257-4211 if you need directions. Have fun! FYI that area has a lot
of mfgering jewelers and wholesalers so look at the some of the
building indexs for some help!!

Hi : Believe it or not Seattle only has three
suppliers…stellar…Seattle findings and supply… these are
located across the street from each other on 4 th and pike…one in
t5he Josuha green building and one in the 4th and pike building…the
other is TSI located in the fremont area on nickerson…501 i
belive… have a nice day…Ringman

Swest and Alpha Faceting also have offices in Seattle. In the 4th &
Pike Bldg. also. I don’t have the numbers handy just now but they
would be listed in the phone book.


hi: Catch up with the times Seattle folks…Swest was bought out by
stuller…It’s in the joshua green building across the street and
alpha faceting is in Bremerton… Ringman John

Only Alpha, Seattle Findings, TSI and Stuller are left in Seattle.
Mayer Brothers has been gone for years and Swest went away (gobbled
up by Stuller) in 1999. All, save TSI, are in the Fourth and Pike
area of downtown Seattle. Andy in Seattle

I am not sure of the “up to date-ness” of the Alpha info, as I
haven’t been downtown for supplies in a while… (Please forgive me
Ringman John if I happen to be incorrect, after all I am human)

Alpha Supply
Show Room
(Opening Late 1999)
1408 Fourth Ave.
2nd Floor
Seattle, WA 98101

101 Nickerson
Seattle WA
1-206-282-3040 (Mail Order)

Seattle Findings and Supply
1424 4th Ave
Seattle WA


John, With tongue in cheek I will advise you that Alpha just opened a
show room in Seattle in the 4th Ave. Bldg.! It’s been only open for
about 2 weeks!

Oops: As I had not been there I was uninformed…sorry…we all make
mistakes… availability of supplies is not as it once was…have a
nice day…john