Seasons Greetings to all you goldsmiths

I posted this on Facebook today and I though I would post it here also. Sorry if you have already seen it, as many of my friends on Facebook are also Ganoksin readers.

This shows the frame in rough, all 18ct gold.

Best regards



Dang! That’s so beautiful.

Thank you!

Sharron… in central Mexico

Let’s not forget “Happy Chanukah” ! This fun time starts this coming Tuesday night at Sundown!
On this night we lite the first candle and the second we lite 2, then of the following nights one more until we lite all 8 candles!
I am using the same Menorah that my Parents used since 1934 in London, England…83 years ago!
Gerry! On my Teaching iPhone!

Happy Chanukah…… I am also using one handled down. Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday come together with family and friends….

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¨HAPPY CHANUKAH ¨ to Jerry and everyone else on Orchid who is celebrating
this wonderful holiday!!

Sharron…in Mexico

and a very Happy Holidays to everyone

Woah, James. That’s exquisite. A wonderful Christmas to you as well.
Judy in Kansas

A joyful Channukah to you. My I ask a question totally unrelated to jewelry - well I’ll ask anyway. Would it be irreverent to have a menorah in my Christian home?
Judy in Kansas

IMHO, It would be lovely! Chanukah is the Festival of Lights. It is a joyous occasion with lots of food, presents, and love. It is the celebration of a great miracle where oil in a lamp lasted for 8 days, rather than the one it was feared to last for.
Go for it! And have a Merry Christmas, while you are at it!:christmas_tree:,
:candle::candle::candle::candle::candle::candle::candle::candle::candle:,:wine_glass:! (Nine candles because one lights the rest​:blush:)


Judy and all
"If the Menorah brings you happiness & well-being during these festive
holidays…please light your candles!" I light one candle on the first
night, the second night we light 2, and until the last night of Channukah
we light all 8 candles.
The history of this “Celebration of Lights” is when the Maccabees entered
our Temple who then desecrated and destroyed the synagogue. The Rabbis must
have an “Eternal Light” in the sanctuary, burning every day of the year. So
after the enemies left, the Rabbi’s found one little container of oil just
enough for one night… A “Miracle Occurred”, that little vial of oil lasted
for ‘8 days & nights’. In honour of that burning of oil, we, all over the
world celebrate the “Miracle of Lights!”. Some Menorahs are using an
electric bulb, no matter what you use, it’s the remembering the
We put the Menorah near a window, for all to see the lights being lit.
When I light my candles, I let the room be dark and let the candles light
the room. On the last night, I’ll show you all how it looks…such a great
sense of joy…For thousands of years this has taken place…:>) Gerry!

*Gerry Lewy *

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Hi Gerry,
A beautiful explanation of Chanukah!
Thank you for that!
Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas to others
and Joy-filled Holiday Greetings to all!

Denny in Wellington, Prince Edward County
where it snowed this afternoon.

Merry Christmas to you

Mariano - Northern Italy

Merry Christmas, Seasons Greetings, Happy New Year, Prospero Año Nuevo
San Juan Cosalá, Jalisco, Mexico (Southern Highlands)
Ah Mexico! Where “C” on a faucet means HOT, and “M” on a restroom means THE LADIES ROOM.