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Season's Greetings 2009

Happy Holidays from the Ganoksin Project, May peace, love, joy and
prosperity bless your home and family this holiday season!

Hanuman, Charles Lewton-Brian, Virginia Lee Vivier and Ton

Download your Season=B4s Greetings card:

Dear Hanuman, Charles Lewton-Brain, Virginia Lee Vivier and Ton

Thank you for the beautiful holiday greeting. I wish you great joy
and peace.

And thank you for Orchid. It is such a great gift that you are
giving us.

Keep well and happy dear friends.

Alma Rands

Happy New Year Orchidians. Thank you all and Hanuman too for such a
wonderful gift of this forum.

Best Wishes,
Margaret Frison
Portland, Oregon
Where the snow and ice is finally melting:-)

Best wishes to all for health and happiness in the coming New Year.
We will all will have to help our neighbors and be brave and smart
and keep reaching for our dreams in order to weather this storm and
fuel the future. We all now have to help our young President to
right our ship of state and set a new course to safety.

Good luck to you all!
Marianne Hunter

The thread on saw piercing had a profound impact on me. I really
like piercing and I think I am quite good at it and I enjoy the
results, and the customers are happy with my work.

What I feel the thread did was make me aware that I have not been
using a technique that brings me satisfaction and monetary benefit as
much as I could. I am quite grateful for this forum and what I learn
from all of you. I have been making jewelry for over 30 years, and I
always find new inspiration and joy using metal and/or gemstones to
express myself artistically. Orchid provides a new dimension by
having the ability to be connected to so many ideas, techniques, and
resources with so many other creative people and it is expansive and
sometimes overwhelming. While we ponder the effects of the economy
we can be quite sure in the knowledge that our creativity cannot be
diminished. Creativity is ever expanding and where there is the will
there is a way to express. Happy New Year to All.

Richard Hart G.G.
Jewelers Gallery
Denver, Co.

To the Orchid Community,

If you go to the Ganoksin website and click on

you will find a button that allows you to make a contribution to
Orchid. John Burgess suggested a couple of years ago that a
contribution to Orchid is a good way to celebrate a birthday. Think
of how valuable the knowledge, advice and voice of experience you
can find with the click of a mouse are. Plan on making a donation on
your birthday. If we all donate on our birthdays it will add up to a
steady stream of income for Ganoksin.

2009 may be challenging year for most of us but even small donations
add up and will keep this valuable resource greeting us each day on
the computer. And it feels good to give back to the site that offers
education, inspiration and fellowship!

Happy 2009 - may it ecxceed our expectations!