Seasonal types and colors of jewelry

I am curious.

For those who’ve been in business for awhile do you see a general
cycle of types and colors of jewelry sold dependent on the season? I
know there are trends but what I’m talking about is a general sway
that has people buy certain colors and kinds of things during the

For example (this is just an example not based on any


-more toe rings and belly rings
-bright colored stones like.


-fall colored and themed jewelry (like leaves and such)


-anything glitzy ??


-red stones and hearts


-pearls (?)
-pastel colored stones like blue topaz and all color tourmalines

Also, do you pull certain jewelry items and hold them for another
season. Say you have fall jewelry (leaves and copper and amber) and
you pull them after November and put them back out in August. Or do
they sell equally well throughout the year??

Happy New Year from snowy Colorado
Lisa Fowler
LL Fowler Designs

do you see a general cycle of types and colors of jewelry sold
dependent on the season? 

My market may have been a little strange–Bay Area, lots of artists
and psychotherapists, mostly middle aged and “hip”-- but I saw very
little of this. And I did experiment with these ideas.

What I saw a lot more of was women buying according to their
“personal” seasonal colors–based on the theory that was first
proposed by Johannes Itten and became a pop culture phenomenon in the
80s. I took the advice of the late Fumiko Ukai and began designing
and displaying my jewelry (mostly earrings and necklaces) using my
version of this theory. When I did, customers seemed really drawn to
to the display that “worked” for them–and sometimes they knew
nothing about the theory. I always had a display of copper jewelry (I
used anodized niobium ear wires) in “autumn” colors and that stuff
would go as fast as I could make it. Women who look good in copper
told me they can’t find it in stores.

Lisa Orlando
Albion, CA, US

Hi Lisa

do you see a general cycle of types and colors of jewelry sold
dependent on the season? 

Most of what I sell right now is in the 65 to 175 price range and I
think this is key to answering your question the right way. When
women are spending on craft-type, affordable, some would say costume
jewelry, yes there variations based on the changing seasons.

I sell a lot of 10-strand cuffs in the warmer months because this is
when women want to wear a cuff.Summer colors would be blues accented
with abalone, beige accented with pink shell, and light beige
accented with off-white shell.

Moving into Autumn, more green, burnt orange, and brown combos sell.
These also sell well in the Spring and Summer, but better in the

I don’t know what kind of jewelry you make though, so this may not
have helped you. Those who make higher end precious jewelry probably
do not experience fluctuations due to the changing seasons. When
people are spending more money, they buy what they buy based solely
on what they want to have (I think). I have no experience in this
area though. Someone who sells high-end items can help you better

Good Luck