Searching Orchid

Was: Seeding Orchid

it would be nice to have an search the Orchid archives for topics. 


Google is your friend :slight_smile:

First go to then in the search bar enter what you want
to search followed by

For example if I enter
"Linda Kaye-Moses"

And then search It will bring me the links to your exhibitions,
slideshow, gallery and all you posts (as well as any posts with your
name in it)

Another example if I enter


And then hit search, it will bring me all posts about ether

I can also exclude terms from the result. For example if I want to
see all posts about CAD, but I wish to exclude a boisterous poster
named Mickey Mouse, I could search for

CAD -“Mickey Mouse”

The - (minus sign) tells the search engine to exclude what follows
it up until the next term.

The " " (Quote) marks tells the search engine to return the phrase
that is in the quotes. “Linda Kaye-Moses” will return only those
posts where you are spelled that way. Without the quotes (Depending
on the algorithm de jour) you would get any post with Linda as well
as any with Kaye-Moses or you might get all posts except those with
Moses in them (Because of the hyphen).

The site: operator tells Google to only return results from that
site. One thing important is that there should be no spaces between
the operator and the search term.

There are also search operators that allow searching for a specific
range to dates.

More search and tricks can be found at

Hope this helps

Good morning Kay,

Thank you for the great Google search info! I have been missing out!

Donna W
Huntsville, AL