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Searching for small titanium tubing, nuts and bolts

Hi Orchidians,

I am considering the possibility of using small titanium tubing as
well as titanium nuts and bolts (up to 1 mm diameter) in my upcoming

However, I am having some trouble in finding suppliers for these

An alternative to this option would be using sterling silver
findings (not plated), but I have not found any supplier for nuts and
bolts either…

Any suggestion regarding this issue would be more than welcome.

Many thanks in advace,
Irene Lopez

Make them yourself. Small tap and die set. Gary

Hi Irene. This used to be called Small Parts Inc. but I guess Amazon
bought them. I’m on my phone and didn’t look close for your items,
but it’s where I’d start:

When I was making high end body jewellery in gold and titanium, I
couldnt get small nuts and bolts either. So what I did was make my
own. You will be able to get 1mm metric taps and dies to use on
sterling as a suitable metal to tap and thread. Doing that to
titanium is a great deal harder. Dont waste you time on that metal.
Another alternative for your needsis looking for stainlesssteel nuts
and bolts. As for tubing, large dia hypodermic needles as used in
body piercing hasve bore sizes up to 1mm. But those and cut to

Hope this helps.

Dear fellow Orchidians,

First of all I would like to thank your answers, it seems that
finding titanium or sterling silver nuts and bolts is not easy at

I know that using a tap and die set in order to manufacture my own
nuts and bolts would be possible, but this is a time consuming (and
quite demanding) task. I am looking for finished material in order to
save time and get a perfect result. let’s see what happens.

I will keep you posted about my progress in this endeavour, thank
you very much again!

All the very best from Madrid,

Irene Lopez

Sounds like something medical, or maybe watch parts. Good luck.