Searching for C- shaped cross section wire

Hello all,

Here’s a challenging request. I’m am making eye-wear frames. Does
anyone know a supplier that provides frabricated metal wire that is
shaped like a square ‘C’ when viewing the end?

The metals I would like to work with in the order are marine brass,
fine silver, sterling silver and gold filled.

Thanks in advance.

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Daniel Biery Jr.
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What you are looking for is channel wire. Rio Grande used to sell
it but it is not in their current catalog. Hoover & strong has 14k
listed in their 98/99 catalog. If you need a small amount of
sterling silver, I think I have some in my old stock. Contact me
off line.


I believe the section you are referring to is known as “Square
Channel”. Sorry I don’t know a supplier but a search under square
channel should unearth one. Good Luck, Terry

Hi Daniel, I’ve made this configuration from square wire (rod) stock
to use as rim or edging metal. You can cut a groove down one side of
the stock using one or more separating disks. Yes, a pain, but
do-able. If you have an Allset, you can use the channel guide and a
small hart burr to start a straight groove parallel to the edge, to
avoid the tendency to slip up with the separating disk.

Food for thought?

Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA)

You have probably seen there is some of this, usually in brass, in
the “hobby metal” displays at model shops and craft stores. There it
is usually limited to 12" long pieces and small quantities - maybe
you could get material from the manufacturer or from a distributor in
larger quantity. The one I am thinking of has displays with the name
"K & S Metals" on it.

If you have a drawplate you can make it by soldering the tips of two
wires together, filing a point, putting it through a round hole
drawplate and drawing it down. If you meant D shape. However C
shape I am not familiar with. Ed Dawson

How about taking a silver or gold tube, drawing it thru a square
drawplate and sawing it in half or drawing it thru a rectangle
drawplate and cut or file off the top.

Another idea would be to cut it in half with the Jump Ringer.
Calculate the height of two pieces of C-shaped channel plus the
blade thickness, and use that to select the drawplate hole. Draw it
through a rectangle draw plate. Use a pair of dividers to scribe
the center point on a side where you want to cut it. Place it in a
Jump Ringer , on top of a piece of wood, so you can cut all the way
through. Center it using the scribe mark, and cut it with the
jump ringer …(Ray, you can use this idea for a small

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 I'm am making eye-wear frames. Does anyone know a supplier that
provides frabricated metal wire that is shaped like a square 'C'
when viewing the end? 

Hi Daniel, have you tried the optical supply companies? I know they
sell metal channel for spectacle frames, but I’ve only seen it in
brass, nickle silver and spectacle ‘plastic’. Hope this helps,