Searching for a caster

I have recently moved to a small town high up in the Colorado
Rockies and am having trouble locating a caster who can handle a
large flast. Previously I did a significant amount of casting from
nature using a 4x5 flask. Its the size I need and fits most
centrifugal units.

If there is anyone out there with info on who might help me, I will
be sincerely grateful for your help. Right now I feel sorta dead in
my tracks. I live in Estes Park, CO, but wouldn’t mind driving to
the caster.

Again, thanks for the help.
Joyce Albers

Joyce, Try giving Doug Perry at Pierret Designs a call. He is located
just outside of Boulder and has been doing all of my platinum
casting for the last year or more. I know he casts in gold as well
maybe even silver. He is very reasonable as far as price goes. I
know I shouldn’t say this because he is an Orchidian but, he
practically gives his platinum casting away. Fast Cheap and good. A
rare find.

If for what ever reason Doug can’t help give me a call. I may be
able to help you out till you find someone full time.

John Sholl J.F.Sholl fine jewelry Littleton, Co (A bit father south
than Boulder) (303)738-9554

Joyce or anyone else interested, I neglected to pass along the number
to the casting shop I recommended, Doug Perry at Pierret Designs. It
is (303)652-8994. Good luck.

John Sholl

John, You are right I have known Doug for over twenty five years.He
has been doing my platinum casting.He is the guy to use.He treats
every casting like it is his own piece.Regards J Morley Coyote Ridge Studio