Seamless ring or band fabrication

Hi Everyone,

I have a small amount of Mokume Gane in copper and brass and I’m
wondering what the best method for fabricating a seamless ring or
band would be. I can easily forge a ring with an obvious seam in the
pattern, but I’d like to try something a little more challenging. I
know of a couple of possiblemethods to create a seamless ring,
however, I’m very new to all of this and still in a major learning
mode. So what method would you use to craft a basic band w/o a seam
in the patterne


Jeff Moore
Bend, Oregon

Hi Jeff

there is a good video on the swanstrom disk cutter site about how to
make a seamless ring.

You do not need the disk cutter.

all the best

I managed to pound a U. S. silver quarter into a ring by cutting a
hole in the center large enough to insert a ring mandrel, and then
alternately annealing and pounding the metal into a ring shape with
the help of a maul and abench block. Also did some filing to even it
up. Was a work out, based on techniques posted here, but the results
were fun.

I wish I could post a photo of the ring… can anyone tell me how
to do that? Thanks in advance.