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Sealant for copper jewelry

need a sealant so rings and bracelets dont turn skin green

Protectaclear! I have copper pieces coated 5 yrs ago that are still looking great! Maintained the flame patina too!


Does it leave a shiny finish? Or is there a matte option?

I have been using Everbrite Protectaclear on brass and copper and it seems to work well. Whatever finish is on the metal shows through well with a very slight gloss added by the coating. I don’t know how well it lasts since I just started using it six months ago. I suspect it depends on how the piece is worn. It is very easy to work with. Good luck…Rob

I’ve been using Protectaclear for years, and I’m very happy with it. There is a matte option, Protectaclear Satin.

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I’m interested in this topic
Is there someone who can talk about which Ptotectaclear is best to buy?
Is spray bottle better?
Thank you

I have never used the spray but I have used the liquid with great success. Brushing it on gives me control since I usually don’t coat the stones and it is self leveling.

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Thank you :slight_smile: