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SD's creations spoon

I did this with a spoon from my wife’s grandmother’s silver. We scrapped the rest for a sweet deck. This made her cry and she wears it a lot. Just a saw and a benchpin


Unbelievable beauty…the sentiments are running high on this site. I
apologize for thinking about recycling the old gold…:>(

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JUst to show you what ive done over the past couple of weeks in between lots of other work.
These are part of my remaking of everything ive ever done over the past 50 yrs and are from 1970 to 75 for my major retrospective expo in June next year. Ive made a total of 50 of these. currently moving on to making another design. The Dark Ages in 316 s/steel tig/ argon arc assy. Pic when 50 are done.

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Those are pretty. Those are silver or stainless?


Thought it appropriate to send these pics as its on a spoon theme.
There all EPNS. No silver. Cant do that here in UK. Against the hall marking laws.
also no stainless, tho any minted as in drop stamped s/steel is too poor quality to use apart from the need for 8 brazed joints in each piece. They would need to be argon arc welded and that finish is also too poor for the product.
I have them properly replated after making.
Sell like hot cakes, between 65 and 95 pounds each
Old spoon and forks cost up to 1 pound each, making 30 mins each…
Also have a nice collection of Victorian tea spoon dies , too small for a cuff but ideal for rings. Made hundreds of those as well!. As you may have read ive a complete drop stampers w/shop here so could make the larger desert forks and spoon handles for myself, If I could find the antique dies…

EPNS means “Electro-Plated, Nickel Silver”. It’s a common phrase in the UK. But over here…? Us limey’s know the wording…:wink:

Gerry! On my Teaching iPhone!

You can reform silver but need to send it to be re-assayed and they give you a certificate - not cheap. I re-formed a pair of antique sugar tongs into a cuff but it wasn’t worth the hassle!


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Fabulous creativity. Thank you for posting.

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Beautiful work and thank you for sharing.

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Thanks Bob

Thanks Betsy, and others, glad you like this idea. Dates from my early yrs 1970 to 75.
If any of you want to have a go, heres some tips.
In the 1st pic the before bending length ranges from 5.75 ins to 6.75 ins.
A medium ladies cuff is 6 in overall .
so you need 2 handles with the saw cut bottom to handle end of 2.75ins. then a further 1.75 ins for the 2 legs? arms? what ever. Sawing these handles is tricky to keep true.
then you remove surplus metal to taper these legs . The next tricky bit is the bending back the 2 legs to 180drg. Round nose pliers are best.
Then the second small 360deg scroll with smaller r/nose. pliers.
Then there set up in a brazing jig. where either you make 6 or 10 joins depending how you count them.
then pickle, polish, date, my reg mark, and location stamps put on inside.
finally bent over a steel mandrel with a soft wooden mallet. to a std oval shape.
So, for 50 off , thats 100 handles, 100 cuts 200 legs to profile, and 400 bends then either 300 or 500 brazed joints.
Finally replated silver 1/1000 in.
Sold retail only to the person who will wear it.

Absolutely beautiful! That is amazing saw work.

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Thanks. It’s just patients and practice