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Screwback finding

One of my customers likes screwbacks, but has arthritic fingers. She
has a some earrings that have screwbacks on a lever or hinge, so that
she can first adjust the screw, then put them onto her ear and clip
them on as with a clip-on. I found the finding in the Myron Tobak
catalogue, but when I ordered some, they said they had discontinued
that item. Anybody know where I can find them? Many thanks.

Linda in NH

Hi, Page 305 of the Stullers Findings catalog has three sizes of 14KY
cup earrings that have a lever with a screw back, 5.5 mm, 7-10 mm, and
7-10 mm with a loop for a dangle.


Linda, Stuller in Louisiana carries the findings you’re looking for
in 14KY. They can be reached at PH: 800-877-7777, EMAIL:, or WEB: Good luck. Beth

Linda, should you not be able to find the adjustable clips, it should
be fairly straightforward to get a set of screws and a set of clips,
and combine them. Just make sure to disassemble everything to avoid
unwanted connections and softenings. Curtis

Yes, try Thunderbird Jewelers. They have a web site, or
1-800-545-7968 This, however, is NOT sterling silver. They have this
style #503030. When I have had to use it, I tell people it is silver
plated. As, I sure most others do, I guarantee my work and I have
never had one of these come back. They run .75/pr or $43.60 for a 100
pr. If anyone has this style in sterling silver, I too would
appreciate knowing.

Sharon Perdasofpy
Perdasofpy Designs

E-mail: @Sharon_Perdasofpy