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Screw press


A few years ago, a friend gave me a large Rio screw press because
she wasn’t using it. Apparently it’s used with stamps, to produce
multiples of patterns. I need to decide on a pattern to send to Dar
Shelton for fabrication (the RT system is just more than I want to
get into), but I have some other questions to ask about using the
screw press:

–are there instruction manuals for this?
–does the press need to be mounted on something in order to be used?
–Are there additional uses for this piece of equipment?

Generally, I work in base metal, primarily brass and copper.

Thanks in advance,
Judy Bjorkman


Those screw presses were sold as part of the RT system to blank
parts. They can also do some light embossing. The hydraulic press
system using urethane is capable of a lot more since it can develop
more pressure. A bench vise can often work as a screw press. I hope
you have a copy of Susan Kingsleys book on hydraulic press die
forming – They seem to be out of print.

An interesting press is the old flypress ( a screw press). These are
all still made in India and are available though:

There is there – They range in size from cute ( mine) to



I use my Rio screw press to pop out parts with pancake dies and to
impress textures into sheet wax for casting. I got it with the RT
system, but I don’t think there are any instructions that came with
the press. You just screw it down to press things. And, of course,
you should not let the press plates get rusted. Oil them with some
light oil once in a while.

Everyone will tell you that you do have to mount it, but I, in fact,
do not have mine bolted down. I screwed down a small strip of wood
to the bench top on one long side of it, and there is another piece
of wood that is the rim of my bench, and the press sits between these
two pieces. It works. I can pick it up and move it easily if I want
more room on my bench. Just try screwing the plates together hard,
and you will see the need to contain the rotation that will
naturally happen. The whole press will want to turn, base and all.
This is the motion that you must control in order to use it.

M’lou Brubaker
Minnesota, USA