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Scrapping argentium silver question

Hi, I recently purchased some argentium silver to give it a try and I’m wondering what to do with the scrap. Some of it went into my sterling scraps by mistake and I’m wondering if this will reduce the value when I bring it in to be melted down. Is it ok to mix it with the sterling or should it be kept separate?


Hi Michael - your scrap is still sterling even if it does have some
argentium in it. Regular sterling is usually 92.5 per cent silver and 7.5
per cent copper. The Argentium people have replaced some of the copper
with some germanium. The people who buy your scrap are interested mostly
in the silver content and that is still 92.5 per cent. By the way - how
did you like it?

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Argentium silver is more likely 935 and some are even 960.

Regular sterling silver is 925.
Very specifically, argentium has a higher value then sterling silver due to more pure silver content.

It doesn’t matter thatmuch if you mix it with sterling silver other then reducing the argentium silver alloy and the benefits of the alloy.

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Thanks Barbara. I liked it :slight_smile: it’s easier to solder than Sterling and and seems to be cleaner somehow. I also liked the fact that it can bond together. When I was making and oval bezel setting, i just laid two strips on top of the other, heated it up and didn’t even bother with solder. Pretty cool.


Do you sell your scraps? I just melt mine down and reuse it. I don’t use anything less then 925, or 999.
When working on something I start with a clean area and save the dust and scraps in a jar, then when I get enough I will melt them down in my Cruicible and pour it into a mold. Saves shipping and I find it’s fun to do.

I just wait until I have about a KG and take it in to be repurposed into various plate, round and half round sizes. I dont bother with the shavings but might start doing this

Adds up… check out the post on my scraps I made a large bracelet just with scraps.

Scrapping your own silver is better, only if you are able to do it! By
sending it off to a refiner you will loose about 5-7% refining fees. I use
my own refiner as I get back .925 silver then my caster can cast without
any pin-holes. I want clean .925 for my silver rings & not melted scrap, or
a mixture of some other alloys.

Gerry Lewy
Toronto, Ontario.