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Scrap silver refinery


I have a lot of scrap silver from pieces I tried and didn’t like,
shavings/filings, odd pieces leftover from sawing. Can you give me
some guidance who gives a good price and minimal charges for scrap

Thank you,


I’ve been dealing with Stebgo for years. Very reasonable, very

Hope this helps.
Hans Allwicher

Does anyone have a recommendation as to where the best place is to
get rid of scrap silver? Is it best to turn it into cash or use
against a new order of material? I’m considering tin can jewelry in
this market!!

I refine my own scrap silver using nitric acid.

I sell my scrap to Rio Grande, I get 75% of spot for store credit
and 65% for check mailed to me. No hassle, can get the form and


Hauser & Miller

gives me a choice of cash or product. The product is a better deal
than cash. Turn around time is fast.

Good luck,

Midwest refinery

pays 90% on scrap their turn around is great you get a check within a
few days no charges for services justa happy customer

Midwest Refineries is great:

G&S Metals does a great job. Super quick and will refine a whole lot
of extras to.

Same as the others the in store credit is higher than the check but
you can keep a credit with them for some time, although mine never
lasts very long.


Thanks for the on Midwest Refinery. I have a batch of
scrap silver that I would like to sell. I have been taking it to a
local refinery The advantage of taking it there is that I do not
have to ship it., The down side is that they do not pay nearly as
much as Midwest–only 65% of spot. However, I am concerned about how
to ship my silver to Midwest. What is the safest way? I am concerned
about “loss,” in the mail.

Thanks for your help.

If you need to learn more about the clean scrap program stuller
offers… Exchange for cash or apply to a new order

Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold

I am concerned about how to ship my silver to Midwest. What is the
safest way? I am concerned about "loss," in the mail. 

The best way to ship anything as valuable as jewelry is through the
USPS Registered Mail.


I ship scrap to Hauser & Miller; jewelry to my photographer, and
jewelry to customers. I insure the correct amount and describe the
contents as “metal O rings” or “children’s art project”. Works for

Good luck,