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Scrap gold dissappeared

Right, bought some scrap gold from well known auction site, it tested as 14ct. Melted it down with other 14ct I already had, from reliable source. Casting in delft clay. I noticed the Metal melted very quickly. Poured into delft clay and all of the gold has disappeared. I don’t mean into a clump, as if it was contaminated, I mean completely disappeared. No reduce, nothing. Any ideas what happened, just lost £400!
A very stunned Patsy!

How was it tested? If it was just an XRF then only the surface is analyzed. This may have been gold plated material?

Ken B.

Sorry for your misfortune, Patsy. IDK if there is any remedy now that it has been altered by the melting. Since matter cannot be created not destroyed, ithas to be somewhere. Since you’re unlikely to have vaporized it, the only explanation I can think of is that you had some thin shell that was gold or gold plated, but the “heft” of it should have given it away, unless you just didn’t notice. L400 at today’s prices is about seven or eight grams of 24kt gold, or about 13 grams of 14 kt. Is it possiible that it was adulterated with something (like lead?) that was left in a crucible as dross or burned off (a low melting point metal)? Check this person’s reviews. Caveat emptor, eh? You could try requesting to reverse the charges with your credit card people, but, since it’s been altered and you don’t have much evidence a non-jeweler would understand, that might be difficult. I would contact the seller and discuss…the respnse will probably give you aclue as to what is going on. It’s always possible that this person was ignorant of what he/she was selling, too. -royjohn

Thank you for your reply. i did do a scratch test. i have sieved the delft clay sand and found some bits of gold that I will be testing tomorrow. Fingers crossed its ok

Thanks raoyjohn
As you say caveat emptor, hopefully there will be something to rescue from my sifting of the delft clay. I have found some pieces, it must have splashed out, but I didn’t see it.

Thank you so much for all your replies I did find my dissappearing gold and after a lot of cleaning the contamination is resolved.

Sorry you had trouble, but glad you found the gold and glad to know that the Laws of Physics have not been repealed and that “matter [still] can neither be created nor destroyed.” LOL…as they say 'round here, stay safe, have fun and make lots of jewelry! -royjohn