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[Scotland] Stone setting course?


Dear All,

This is a great site and v useful to a new jeweller like me. I have
a question: are there any stone setting courses in Scotland. I’ve
tried the internet and not found any. The courses in Birmingham are
full. AND I would love to keep travel and accommodation costs down.

I want to learn prong setting, tension setting, rub-over settings,
bezel setting - the whole lot really, but obviously only at an
introductory level. I’m imagining a 3-5 day course or something
equivalent. Does anyone know of any courses, or are there any offers
to teach (for money obv.)!!!

Please, any help would be appreciated - I really need to take some
of my work to the next level.

Thanks everyone.




I did a stone setting course at The London Metropolitan Uni in
London a few years back with a guy called Tony Tigg. (He set Princess
Di’s e-ring - I think was his claim to fame)

A very good course and great value for money. The uni itself teaches
all manner of jewellery courses so it had perfect facilities.

If you do not wish to travel, then I would suggest contacting the
local universities. Those that teach jewellery courses will offer
short courses during term times when the students aren’t there.

Another suggestion is to put up a “notice” in the foyer of the
Scotland assay office asking for tuition. In London there are
numerous notices in the assay office foyer from those in the trade.

Kind regards
Chris Parry


Hi Sam,

I don’t have an answer for you, but it might be worthwhile asking at
the various colleges which run jewellery courses. They will be able
to guide you as well as anyone, I’d think. You could ask at
Glenrothes College. A lady called Susan (I think) runs a general
jewelley design class. Dunfermline College (Lauder) also has a
jewellery design course.

Morna (Perth)
I want to learn prong setting, tension setting, rub-over settings,
bezel setting


Hi Sam,

I think there are a lot of us in the same situation, I had a
jeweller friend say that her stone setter who was in Birmingham was
willing to come down and do a course for 500 for a week. I considered
trying to get a small group together, but so far the problems are
against it, (who’s workshop to use, the existing wildly different
skill levels, what days to do it on, etc). I would still do it but my
interim solution is that I have ordered a set of Gerry the Cyber
setters books.

I think hands on instruction is by far the best, these long time
served guys are really fast and have seen it all, perhaps you could
get a couple of other people together and that would pay for someone
from Hockley or Hatton Garden to come up for a week. I am the wrong
side of the country unfortunately, in Glos.

regards Tim.