Scotland jewelers and attractions

Greetings all,

I am getting ready for a trip to Scotland. My wife is singing at our
friends wedding which will be at Dunblane Cathedral. We are
traveling from London up through the countryside and will be
traveling in, around and between Edinburgh and Glasgow. I looked in
the archives and found nothing helpful there. Anyone have any

By the way, my wife and I will be leaving on Monday evening so any
responses I can get before then would be fantastic. I have waited
until the last minute to do my research in this area. I thought that
there would be more in the archives. Fortunately my wife has done an
excellent job of planning the major things, like, oh, the tickets,
transportation and accommodations.

I’d love to know about stores and galleries that feature unusual,
interesting or contemporary jewelry and metal, museums which have
interesting jewelry or craft related shows or displays and especially
interesting people who wouldn’t mind meeting another enthusiastic
jeweler from the US.

Thanks all

Larry Seiger
certified master bench jeweler

Hello try this web site to look for some interesting shops in england.
they have links to other web site which may be interesting. Tell me how you go and
what you see as i am heading over to Dublin in a month or so and
would also like some suggestions for places to see.