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Scotch stones

G’day It is my understanding that Tam O Shanter or Water of Ayr
’Scotch stones are no longer available; one reason being that the
building in which they were prepared burnt down, and the owner felt
he ws too old to want to begin again, and as there wasn’t much money
in it, nobody took over. My own experience is that when I first began
making jewellery the older books mentioned them and the older
jewellers used these stones. So I bought a couple about 25 years
ago. I used them and yes, of course they work, but to be honest I
find the stone not much - if any - better than wet n’ dry papers,
beginning at 600 grit per inch, and finishing at around 1500 grit,
using water as a lubricant - which is also used with the Scotch
stones. In fact, I haven’t used those stones for a very long time
now, though I still have them; modern technology has caught up with
them. Wet 'n dry papers are easier to use, easier to get too. –
Cheers for now, John Burgess; @John_Burgess2 of Mapua Nelson NZ