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Scotch Stones All Over Again

Folks; in all the excitement we had surrounding Scotch Tones, I
do not recall if any of you were able to source them. If any one
would like one, Ihave found a source that is getting rid of them
at half-price because they are discontinued. I would buy them
all, but I don’t need that many. So if any of you would like to
be scotch stoned, have a small drop and if any of the rest would
like one of these rocks, e-mail me privtely and I’ll pick one up
and mail it off to you. They are 6" by 1/4" by 1/4" (roughly). I
was thinking 10.00 each, which would include postage and some
kind of packaging. I’ll send you the stone and you can send me
the payment if you like what you get.


e-mail @dpkt

I’m interested! E-Mail your address, and I’ll send you a check!