Schools in Philly

Hello De De and Everyone- I first would like to introduce myself
( I have been lurking for sometime and enjoying the site very
much! Very habit forming!!) My name is Dolores Lewis and I am
retired from an “Art and Design” College in Philadephia called
Moore College of Art and Design. They are located at 20th and
the Parkway, Phila. Pa. 19103. The head of the Jewelry
Department is Richard Posniak. I’m not sure, De De, if this the
Art and Design College you were referring to in your message to
Tim, because there is also “The University of Arts” (formerly
known as PCA ((Philadelphia College of Art)), as well as Tyler
School of Art (part of Temple University}. Moore was not into
this program when I was there six years ago but maybe doing it
now because we put in Cad programs for the Interior Design
Department (and Mac’s for the Graphics Department} just before I

Temple put CAD programs in their curriculum about 10 or 12 years
ago. Curious as to what “Art and Design” School you were
referring to?

I think your web site is great!! Love the design aspects and
wish my hair looked as good on a GOOD hair day!!