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Schools for fine metals/jewelry

Hello, I am an undergraduate who is interested in pursuing a career
as a jeweler. I am planning on going for an MFA and am looking into
art schools or universities within the US with a strong program in
fine metals. I would really appreciate it if anyone on the list is
familiar with and could suggest the top schools for metals/jewelry.

Thanks in advance!

I am sure you will get lots of responses to this question. I
believe the MFA program in metals at San Diego State University is one
of the finest in the U.S. - you really have to look at who is teaching
where - what is the emphasis - what is the design sense - talk to
some of the graduates, visit some of the campuses, etc. Others of
which I am aware are University of Washington, SUNY at New Paltz
(sp?), Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), schools in Ohio and
Illinois (can’t remember exact names), etc.

Nicole, As a graduate I can recommend Cranbrook Academy of Art in
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. They have an excellent metals program and
the environment is wonderfully conducive to learning and

Joel Schwalb

For MFA Jewelry Programs contact Dana Singer, Executive Director of
Society of North American Goldsmiths:
Ask her how to access the list of schools that SNAG has been
compiling. Better yet, come to the SNAG conference in Denver in June
where there will be a Connections Rooms for students to connect with
schools all over the country.

Also, check out the latest issue of Lapidary Journal. There is a
list of schools in that issue.

Dear Nicole: The best rounded curriculum directed to the jewelry
industry is PARIS JR. COLLEGE, d/b/a Texas Institute of Jewelry
Technology, Paris, Texas. Their phone # is 903-782-0386. Good luck.

Dear Nicole, There is a comprehensive list of American jewelry
schools on the website of the Society of North American Goldsmiths
(SNAG). The address is While this doesn’t provide
editorial opinion on the quality of the programs, it does provide
many links to their own websites and also contact The
other option, which I highly recommend is to come to our conference
in Denver, CO June 12-15, 2002. We hold a “Connections Room” event
where about 40 different schools ranging from workshops to grad
schools set up displays, show slides of faculty and student work and
give out You can meet the faculty from most of the top
programs in one place. The student rate for the conference is kept
very low at $125 for a 3 days of great speakers and 15 exhibitions
of metals, and $85 if you want to skip the final banquet dinner (and
still come for the dancing). You can register on the website as
well. Hope to see you, Don Friedlich SNAG Past President

Its a well kept secret that there is a verygood school of jewelry in
Montreal, Quebec. It is called “Ecole de Joaillerie de Montreal”.
Courses are given in both french and english. You can go to their

Good quality does not mean high prices. Living in a quite
socialistic country, education is a lot cheaper and, of equal quality
(if not better, in some area, beleive it or not!) than in the
United States.