School for gold jewelry

Dear Sir:

I am searching a school for studying Jewelry program. As a
suggestion of Liccini, I would like to ask you are there a
school for studying in jewelry program in US?

Kageeporn Wongpreedee

Check out FIT.
Jewelry Dept.
227 W. 27th St.
New York, NY 10001
Phone: 212-760-7826

Susan Sarantos

try fashion institute of technology in nyc ny they offer a 2
year associates in arts & science degreee A.A.S. jewelry design
as well as night classes in wax carving, casting, soldering,
chasing/repousee, platinum and alot more.

Hello Everyone, Concerning Gold Jewelry schools. I do not have
much experience in mamny different schools. Yet, The best I have
attended is the Gemological Institute of America very
professional The worst would be Gem City College, Quincy, IL…
Struck me as just wanting your money for the jewelry section.

The Revere Accademy is a frequent contributor of Orchid, and I
have never had bad marks concerning the school. I probably would
have gone there, but they do not have courses in watchmaking.


about four years ago and I took 4 different classes at FIT for
jewerly. Based on my experience at the time, I would NEVER
recommend the school to anyone. Maybe I had the worst instructors
at the time. Getting real technical out of anyone was
difficult. The instructors I had seemed bored and not interested
at all in really teaching. During studio time (which 90% of the
time spent in classes were) the instructors spent their time
socializing. One of the classes I took was taught by the head of
the jewelry department (I only remember his first name, Tony). He
was more interested in students dropping the jewelry program
then staying in. It made him feel good that “they didn’t have what
it takes” (like it was boot camp or something!) The whole program
had a “survial of the fittest” approach. The last straw for me
was when I was having a problem sawing (never sawed before in my
life at the time), and I asked Tony for help. I was balled out
for asking for help then I was told he could tell I did not have a
fine arts background ( I went to SUNY Purchase for painting and
School of Visual Arts for graphic arts and I make a nice living
designing graphics for MTV networks thank you very much!) I was
shocked. I could not believe I was so rudely treated for asking a
simple question (I didn’t even argue with him- boy I wish I did!)
After that I never went back.

Anyway, if the school improved some let me know. Until then I do
not recommend the school to anyone. Go to Parsons!


DeDe, Wow, I feel so bad that you had that experience with the
school(FIT). I studied rendering with two different teachers and
they were the best. This was in 88-89 but I do keep in touch with
the school and students. The other benefit was that
companies/stores would search for employees through the school so
it was great for contacts. Susan Sarantos @auag