Scanning jewllery

Hi scanners, re the damage to the scanner when doing jewellery.
I photocopy all my exhibition pieces. That way I have a record of
the exact size. As I use someone else’s machine, I alwys protec
the surface with a piece of clear A4 size plastic sheet that I
purchased from a drawing supply shop. It is some kind of floppy
celludoid. works a treat with the photcopier. might be worth
trying with the scanner, if you are concerned about scratching
the surface.

Felicity in wintry West Oz

Quick translation for the 'Mericans on the list: A4 is more or
less equivalent to letter-size paper. (It’s a little skinnier and

Is this the standard size in Canada and in Mexico as well?

(Gotta love being the odd ducks out in the world…)

Kat Tanaka
(in Carlsbad, next to GIA)