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Scanning bead necklaces

Hello Sandra,

Not a problem, simply tilt the scanner a small amount, a book
should do it, The effect of gravity should be enough to hold your
beads straight without making the whole piece slide down the
glass. It really doesn’t need much of a tilt to hang right less
than an inch I’ve found. Put the book under the top (hinge,
starting) end of the scanner

DO NOT stand it up or try it on it’s side unless the
manufacturer has approved of your suggestion. If you are in doubt
ask them, I bet they have an e-mail address you could message at.

hint; get some white velvet, or very pale pastel velvet to scan
against. The scanner’s equivalent of exposure is all done with
software that makes it’s calculations based on an average of the
pixels enclosed within your scanning target, you want the
corrrect ‘exposure’ for your piece not your background. Don’t
worry if the result seems a little dark, software lightening
fixes this without losing detail. The other way around doesn’t. I
usually fool a little with light and contrast anyway.

hint; To increase the 3D effect a stiff card background catches
and shows shadows much better than cloth.

hint; Exclude as much room light as posssible so after setting
up cover the entire thing with another drop cloth.

hint; Try not to scan stuff flat, except documents that is. if
you have flat jewellery a slight tilt will give you much better
image especially if it is highly polished. No don’t prop it up,
hang on to it from behind, I have several ways of dong this.

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